Nursing Improvements

Being a nurse is one of the most skillful and taxing jobs. When a nurse in the hospital, she needs the best shoes for nurses and full of energy for a long work day. These shoes can help a nurse feel comfortable with busy work.

If you want to become a nurse, you should prepare completely for yourself with some skills in every field. Knowing that the life of a patient may depend on your next action can test your character thoroughly. Some of the skills (other than your qualifications) which you must possess as a nurse, you can check here.


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Nurses Reveal Most, Least Enjoyable Aspects Of Work

Hospitals scrambling to hire nurses, take note: Pay, workload, and decision-making authority are among the least satisfying elements of life on the job for registered nurses.

That’s according to a Web-based survey completed by about 75,900 registered hospitals nurses conducted for the American Nurses Association by the University of Kansas School of Nursing. The survey ranks nurses’ satisfaction with 11 aspects of work life and breaks down results by 12 hospital units, such as pediatrics and critical care. It also asks nurses how much overtime they worked; how often they were sent or floated to work in units to which they weren’t typically assigned; and their career and employment plans for the coming year.


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Frozen Desserts – How Sweet Or Fat Are They?

The differences among regular ice cream, reduced-fat ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, water ice and sorbet are discussed. Nutritional value varies, but reduced-fat ice cream and frozen yogurt are good sources of calcium.
Since the Roman emperor Nero Claudius Caesar sent runners into the mountains to gather snow and ice, frozen desserts have been considered a special taste treat. The Roman elite feasted on mountain snow mixed with honey, fruit pulp, and juice. Many years later, Marco Polo brought recipes from China for fruit-flavored ices. But these unusual desserts didn’t become popular until Catherine de Medici arrived in Paris with her Italian chefs. The French court was amazed by the 30 different flavors of “ices” produced by these chefs. Ices, milk ice, and cream ice continued to be a treat enjoyed only by] royalty until the invention of the hand crank freezer.

Frozen Desserts

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Know Better About Plant Nutrients & Heart Health Benefits

Recent research has linked certain phytonutrients (plant nutrients) with heart health benefits. These functional foods contain certain substances that have cholesterol-lowering effects. Functional foods are foods that have special health benefits. Nutrition experts feel there is much more to be learned about this new area of research. Here are some examples of what has recently been discovered.

Soy foods, such as tofu, soy milk, and soy burgers, appear to contain phytonutrients that promote heart health. The Food and Drug Administration has approved a health claim for the labels of soy foods. The claim states that 25 grams of soy protein per day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, can reduce the risk of heart disease.

heart food

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Hunting Without Fear

The ultimate game of chance is not in some casino in Las Vegas: It’s played in the alder jungles of Alaska’s Kodiak Island archipelago, home to roughly 3000 brown bears. It was there I sat crouched in a rain-drenched poncho, listening nervously as a 900-plus-pound Kodiak brown bear crunched through the wet gravel. I eased my head and rifle over a log. Less than 60 yards away, the bear reared back on its hind legs and moaned. The only other sound I remember was the clacking of the bear’s teeth. I shouldered my 338, looked through the scope and, with much trepidation, lowered it. I was completely vulnerable. My arms tingled and my legs felt hollow. Each of us waited for the other to move. Suddenly the bear turned and ran, its rubbed hide a poor candidate for a rug.


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LaCrosse Alpha Lite: A Great All-around Boot For Nearly Any Occasion

Boots are the heart and sole of any hunt. Let’s face it, when you are out hiking they are the difference between a hike and a painful limp through the woods. When it comes to laying down a scent trail or remaining undetected, boots are an integral part of the system. Even if your hunt is as simple as walking a few yards through the woods to a tree stand, the best hunting boots are going to make the difference between an alert, watchful sit and a toe-wiggling session as you try to get rid of the burning sensation and keep warm. Try a hike with a pair of ill-equipped boots and learn the true meaning of misery after the first day or two.

rubber boots

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How To Be Warm, Dry While Staying Well Under The Weight Limit

When it comes to hunting travel these days, Light Makes Right. The hassle–not to mention expense–of hauling heavy guns, clothing, and optics around the world makes minimalism attractive, if not downright necessary. But only if the stuff works.

There’s nothing worse than microlight gear too wimpy to perform in the real world: tents that collapse, packs that rip, knives that break, rifles that don’t group so much as the pattern. Fortunately, the best of today’s high-tech mini-gear performs to the highest standards.

hunting travel

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Learn How To Pamper Your Aching Feet

Shoe buyers 45 age and older seek comfort more than ay other quality when purchasing shoes and they will pay 50% more for a comfortable shoe than one that is not especially comfortable, especially for the best shoes for plantar fasciitis (a popular disease). Poorly constructed footwear accounts for the majority of foot pain adults experience.

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Vitamins And The Heart

Medical evidence suggests higher doses of vitamins are vital to maintaining a strong cardiovascular system, despite the daily allowances based on levels that prevent deficiency diseases. Deficiency states of certain vitamins produce various clinical pictures. Nutrients may offer protection from chronic diseases such as hardening of the arteries.vitamin [Read more…]